Corporate Presentation

INGHOR, S.A. began its activity in 1981. At the moment, it has worldwide presence. Since its beginning it maintains a narrow relationship with their clients and suppliers to know first-hand the real needs and the best technological solutions for a continuous improvement of the productive processes.

It is a Spanish company located in the Great Bilbao, one of most important area concerning the design, production and machinery exportation for the industry in Spain, dedicated to supply coating lines, drying ovens, air purification systems and heat treatment ovens.

Inghor offers a complete service: CAD designs, construction, production, sale, assembly, commissioning and after-sales service.

Inghor gives the possibility of upgrading old Inghor's lines and also other trademark lines, always being adapted to the clients real requirements. Some of the best improvements are the following:

Diseño y desarrollo Atrio Comunicación y Márketing